Soil Apartments: Building Great Soil Structure.


Dark rich blend of composts that will revitalize existing soil which will stimulate biological activity,restore soil structure and increase water and nutrient retention, when mixed thoroughly with existing soil. This heat treated product is high in organic matter, micro-nutrients and microbial activity with no sand added. Please note if you are amending your soil, before planting, this product should be tilled into existing soil to avoid plant burning from excessive nutrient availability. The soil is the source of beneficial organic matter and texture to grow highly productive plants in all gardening uses.

Four simple steps to improve your garden soil includes:


  • 1. APPLY a 2-4” layer of soil amendment, such as Garden Soil or a compost-based soil amendment
  • 2. MIX to a 6-12” depth to incorporate the soil amendment thoroughly with mineral soils
  • 3. SMOOTH with a rake or roller
  • 4. PLANT seeds, seedlings, vegetables, herbs, flowers or ornamentals, then thoroughly water after planting

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